Get moving quickly with Help to Sell

Sell your home quickly, save and move with confidence. Help to Sell is a home change scheme that’s easy and convenient for everyone – own a beautiful new Harwood home by letting us help sell your current property.

Designed to make your move quick and easy

If you want to move to a new home but still have a property to sell, Harwood Homes has the answer and we’re here to help and support you all the way along your journey. Help to Sell is designed to make selling your old house and moving into your new home as enjoyable and smooth as possible. You can explore the 4 easy steps in this home change scheme below: it’s a great way to sell your house fast and kick-start your move.

What is the Help to Sell?

Help to Sell is just one of the ways Harwood Homes can support you in your journey to buying a new Harwood home if you have an existing property to sell. Once you’ve decided you would like to purchase one of our homes, we can help to arrange to sell your existing property.

What’s the first step?

Once you’ve completed a Help to Sell application, we’ll arrange to have your property appraised to provide a valuation report.

Who will complete my current property valuation?

We have a number of specialist estate agent partners with many years of experience working in the local area who have an in depth understanding of the market and its customers. They will take care of every aspect of your sale and keep us fully up to date with progress at every stage.

What happens during the valuation visit?

During the visit, each room will be measured, photographs taken and notes will be made on the layout, condition of the property and what is to be included in the sale. The photographs and details will be used to market the property for sale should you decide to proceed.

Are the agents employed by Harwood Homes?

No. Each of our partner agents are independent, outsourced property relocation specialists.

Can I apply for Help to Sell on any type of property?

Yes. We don’t have any restrictions on the type of property you wish to sell other that it is residential. Help to Sell can be used for any home, including flats, maisonettes, ex-local authority homes, leasehold properties and unusual houses regardless of its value, meaning you can take advantage of whether you’re moving to a bigger, smaller or similar style of house.

Can I apply for Help to Sell if my property is already on the market?

Yes, you can still complete a Help to Sell application.

What happens after the valuations have taken place?

The agents will provide a report to us, which will include information about other properties on the market in your local area and, importantly, prices that have recently been achieved. You will be contacted either by us or the agent to discuss the selling price we would recommend to achieve a quick sale and agree next steps.

What if I don’t agree with the valuation?

The selling price we recommend is set to support the aim of achieving the sale of your home in just 6 weeks. Our specialist partners provide us with an in depth report and undertake research of the local market and conditions. The aim of Help to Sell is to help you to sell your property quickly so you can proceed to purchase a new Harwood home. If we can’t agree on the selling price, then the Help to Sell application is cancelled and you’re free to market your property without our involvement. There is no obligation or costs incurred to you if you decide not to proceed.

Do you hold the Harwood home I would like to reserve?

No. We do not hold the property you have expressed an interest in during the period you are marketing your property for sale. However, we will keep you updated on your preferred plot should anyone show interest.

What happens if I decide to proceed?

Once you confirm that you would like to proceed with the sale of your property under the Help to Sell agreement, we will instruct the agent who will make contact with you and begin the arrangements to market your property.

Who pays the estate agents selling fees?

We will advise you of the level of Harwood Homes’ contribution towards the estate agents fees. Where a contribution has been agreed, if you complete on the sale of your existing property before the completion of the purchase of your Harwood home, you must pay the estate agent fees in full (including vat) and any contribution agreed by Harwood Homes will be re-imbursed upon legal completion.

How much do Harwood Homes contribute towards estate agent selling fees?

We do not have a fixed contribution amount. Your sales consultant will advise you of this as it will vary depending on the Harwood property you wish to purchase.

What happens if I sell my property under Help to Sell, but then decide not to buy a Harwood home?

If you sell your home and then change your mind about buying a Harwood home, you will become responsible in full for the estate agent’s fees and costs as set out in their terms.

How will my property be marketed if I decide to proceed?

Your property will be marketed on the major web portals at the agreed selling price. We aim to achieve maximum interest during this early period. We will agree with you a reduction that may be required to sell your property if it has not sold by an agreed period of time, usually around 3 weeks.

What happens if my property has not sold in the agreed timescale?

We will have regular review discussions with you to agree next steps and whether further price reductions should be considered. At the end of the 6 week period, the Help to Sell agreement may be terminated if your property has not been sold.